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December Message

As we enter this Advent Season, we as a Council have been asked to help out in our Parish.

In the middle of November Our Worthy Deputy Grand Knight Rejean, Program Director John Curry,
Our Faith Chairman Rick Dubois and I had a meeting with our Council Chaplain Fr. Louis and
also, Parish Pastoral Council Chairperson Ernie Bobowski.
This meeting was a chance for us as a Council to ask Fr Louis what he and the Parish are planning and if we can get some Faith Programs that we’re mentioned by John at previous meetings. If there were any plans for Retreats, Masses, etc. Fr. Louis and Ernie mentioned that there is a Lenten Retreat or Mission that the Parish has been booked for March 19-22, 2020 and they would be needing our help in not only participating but we would be helping in other ways in organizing either ushers or in the Choir or helping where we are needed.

Another project Fr. Louis mentioned is the Advent Mini-Retreat on Saturday December 14 2019 at 7:00pm after the 5:00pm Mass. He would like the Knights to be involved in some way. There is a Men’s Choir being organized by Brother Knight Fran Deters so if you are interested see Fran after mass on Sunday. In short, we had very good meeting with Fr. Louis and we do have the lines of communication with Father open.

We have a busy month of December so make sure if you are able to avail yourself for the help that will be needed this month. Our Executive and General Meeting will on the first Wednesday December 4th at 7:00 pm if there is Mass on in the evening, we will start at 7:30pm.

Our Christmas Social is upstairs in the hall as our Chambers is getting crowded. Our fearless Chef Wayne will be needing some help the weekend before so if you can help call him at 306-783-7380. We are also putting together the roster for our Council and want it to be ready for printing by the middle of this Month so that we can distribute it out with our January Word. So if you have a change in address or a change in phone number please let Henry or Orest know as soon as possible.

Congratulations to our new 1st and 3rd Degree members welcome to the Knights of Columbus.

On behalf of my lovely wife Tamara and myself, have a safe Christmas. Remember to Keep Christ in Christmas.
Jeff Krasowski- G.K.

grand knight