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Origin and Objectives

The Knights of Columbus was chartered in 1882. Father McGivney and six parishioners of St. Mary's parish in New Haven Ct. saw a need for an organization to serve the Church and parish community. The basic principles set forth by the Knights of Columbus still prevail.

Charity: To share our time, talents and treasures with those in need.
Unity: To work together to accomplish deeds not achievable individually.
Fraternity: To aid our brother and his family, to aid and show concern for them and to provide insurance protection for them.
Patriotism: To serve and honor our country in the Church and in our community.


Activities that demonstrate the principles above are grouped into the following major areas. Each area has a number of projects, which support and develop those principles.

Programs are designed to give the membership the opportunity to practice their Catholic duties; in the areas of charity, devotion and education. This allows Knights to set a worthy Catholic example for their families, fellow members, and the community

  • Yearly memorial Mass for deceased members
  • Rosary service at wake for deceased members
  • Seminarian support

The individual Knight, his family, and the Order benefit for a wholesome home life. Programs bring family members together for social and recreational activities within the community.

  • Family picnic
  • Family curling

In an effort to shape the world around him, this program offers the individual Knight an opportunity to fight poverty, aid mentally disabled, support law enforcement, and assist the aged and needy.

  • Charitable gambling provides funds for non-profit groups
  • Pro-Life
  • Big Brothers and Big Sisters
  • Educational Scholarships
  • Regular Bingo
  • Family Breakfasts
  • Fall Yard Clean-up

The youth of today are the adults of tomorrow. The programs offered are designed to give a positive and constructive influence for shaping their lives.

  • Christmas party for parish youth
  • Basketball free throw competition
  • Music scholarships

Entertaining and enjoyable programs for the membership and their families strengthen the fraternalism of the Order.
Programs in the areas of athletics, cultural and social events are as diverse as one's program.

  • Keep Christ in Christmas
  • Inter-council golf tournament
  • Christmas social

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